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Hydroware Italy to focus on NEW LIFTS – new reseller for MOD in Italy

In the 10th year anniversary of Hydroware Srl, the company has signed a new reseller agreement with CSH.

Hydroware has been present on the Italian market through a subsidiary for 10 years. The decade long venture has developed thanks to professional customers that have been able to capitalize on the strengths of Hydroware’s unique products. Hydroware’s products and offering has proved to be appreciated for complex projects in the Italian market.

Over the past 10 years, most projects have been dominated by specialised hydraulic lift modernisations, demanding either very high capacity, high speeds, high travel heights or heavy loads, and often intended for public use like airports, railway stations, metro stations, hospitals, or shopping malls. Even though modernisations have been the main driver, the interest for complete lift packages has increased drastically over the years.

Rising interest in Hydroware’s complete lift packages

After 10 years of active presence and experience in the Italian market, with the increasing demand for Hydroware’s complete lift offering both locally and globally, the market demand for quality consulting support and after-sales support has increased considerably. Hydroware is experiencing all-time high demand in the segment of complete lifts.

In order to improve internal processes and meeting domestic and international market demands, Hydroware Srl is focusing efforts and resources on the complete lift offering. As of July 2023, Hydroware Srl will be at your disposal exclusively for the supply of complete lift packages. However, Hydroware will not be leaving the Italian modernisation market.

Exclusive partner for MOD in Italy: CSH – Consultancy and technical Support for Hydraulic lifts

Hydroware is very pleased to announce that we have signed an exclusive reseller agreement with our partner CSH for all consulting support, product sales, supply of spare parts and after sales support regarding our products HydroElite and TractionElite for modernisation of existing lifts on the Italian market. We therefore invite you to address all future Italian requests and orders for modernisation and requests for spare parts and after sales technical support directly to our partner:

Consultancy and technical Support for Hydraulic lifts (ITALY)

CSH – Mellaredo di Pianiga – VE.

PHONE +39 041 8226706

Email csh@cshlift.com

For questions related to complete lift packages, please contact:

Hydroware S.r.l.

Via Austria 23/F – 35127 – PADOVA Zona Industriale – ITALY

PHONE +39 049 760329 FAX +39 049 760066

Email info@hydrowaresrl.it