Die HydroElite Experience

28 hours delivery

Our delivery times are hard to beat, even by ourselves. Our record still stands after this impressive delivery made by Team Hydroware for a lift being ready for delivery just 28 hours after the order was placed. Remarkable team effort all around making sure to put our best foot forward to deliver on a tight schedule for our customers. A 28 hour delivery is nothing to sneeze at, but it still doesn’t break our record. Nevertheless, a HydroElite Delivery Time and Experience.

Kamilla Algam, production planner at Hydroware, had high praise for the entire team:

I was really inspired by the whole team on this one. It shows that we have a well-functioning production line, and we can really see the benefit of having material on stock. The fact that we can produce, test and have a product ready for delivery in just 28 hours, still amazes me.

Kamilla Algam, production planner Hydroware
Kamilla Algam framför produktionslinjen
Kamilla Algam, production planner