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Nomination for the Great IT Competence Award

It makes us very happy to see that the work has yielded results, and that Hydroware has been nominated for the Great IT Competence Award by the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Linnaeus University.

We care about the future

The award has the purpose of recognising an employer that has worked strategically and committedly with competence development of its own employees and that has collaborated with students in IT-related education. Good collaboration within the IT team, with different approaches to IT, has resulted to Hydroware’s nomination. To share knowledge and experience with students and to educate the team is important for us in a developing environment. We are excited to be among the 10 nominated companies, since we attach great importance to the collaboration with institutions in the field of IT education. We give our best to strengthen and secure the future supply of competence.


Right now we have two trainees who are focused on frontend development. This has resulted in the IT team getting to know more about frontend development and design, while the trainees have learnt more about backend development and have gained practical work experience.

To the article about the nomination Great IT Competence Award (article in Swedish)

Title photo: The Hydroware IT Team. From left: Edis Grudic, System developer; Jasmin Mahmutovic, Trainee frontend developer; Tobias Vestlund, IT/IS manager; Kajsa Ritzman, Information logistician; Amalia Petersson, Trainee frontend developer; Pär Söderlund, System developer